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Middle School

Welcome to our middle school

Our Middle School is a great place to be a young teenager. Our students truly enjoy a school that allows them to grow, challenges them academically, sets boundaries for them and provides Learning that Lasts.

Our Teachers

It all begins with our teachers. Time and time again, parents, students and alumni say it is the teachers that make our school a great school. Our teachers are professional educators who have a passion for Christian education. They are exemplary role models.

Our curriculum

Our teachers use the highest-quality curriculum available – and they teach it from a Biblical perspective. ‘Smart Boards’ are utilized in each classroom and effectively bring state-of-the-art learning resources directly into the classroom. Electives are available and include choices such as student government, praise band, life skills, music, and art. For many of their subjects, students move from class to class in a similar fashion as they would in high school. Middle school outdoor education and field trips include highlights such as the 7th grade Marine Science trip to Catalina Island and the 8th grade trip to Washington D.C.

Other Programs

Our quality academic programs effectively bridge the gap between elementary school and high school. You can actually watch our students mature and grow as they are challenged and held accountable for their academic development.

Our caring, Christ-centered environment fosters emotional and spiritual growth. The community here at Grace also gives students a chance to form deep, lasting friendships from preschool through their middle school years.

Our no-cut sports program, while inspiring students to strive for their highest level of athletic performance, ensures all students who want to be a part of a team have that opportunity during these adolescent years. Christ-like sportsmanship is modeled by the coaching staff and expected of all athletes. School sponsored activities throughout the year help students work on developing social skills, building friendships and creating lasting memories.

The middle school years can be the toughest years children face. Because of this, we do everything possible to ensure each child is loved, cared for, and given the opportunity to succeed.