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Located in beautiful Huntington Beach, Grace Lutheran Summer camp is a full service summer camp that offers a variety of options for our families over our Summer program. Our Summer camp has been operating for over 27 years working with families in our community to provide a lasting summer experience for all of our campers.

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Summer Camp

Fun is what we do!

“Grace Summer Camp has been such an amazing camp for my children this Summer! They have an amazing staff, great campers, and awesome field trips. My children love going back each year.” —Karla Acevedo- Summer Camp Parent


Please see below for rates and Registration Download link.

Full Day Camp (7:00am-6pm)
5 days $240 per week
4 days $210 per week
3 days $180 per week
2 days $120 per week
**Day rates do not include field trips, specialty on site events or lunch order fees**

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we add or delete days/fieldtrips?

YES. Please provide one week’s advance written notice for additions and 2 weeks’ notice for cancellations. Additions are based on availability week to week. No guarantees on availability are made for adding camp days. For adding field trips, please inquire if there is room prior to any desired trip you would like to add.

Can we send spending money for field trips?

 NO. This Summer we scheduled field trips with all-inclusive tickets for the experience. Our time frame for field trips does not include souvenir or gift shop visitations. No purchase lunches will be available for field trips. Please pack your campers lunch for each field trip unless noted otherwise.

Can we bring Razor Scooters?

YES BUT. You can bring your scooters ON designated days of Summer Camp. Scooter riders MUST wear a helmet at all times. Scooter parking is located at the red fence next to Rec. Club in between the cone area. Please park scooters in this location and not in the backpack area. Our staff will communicate which days we will allow scooters.

Can we bring devices from home (ipods, kindle fires, iphones etc.)?

NO. Camper can not bring personal devices during Summer Camp. We have our own ipads and computers to use. We will have designated times During indoor small group time only that our campers can enjoy devices. Devices will not be allowed any other time throughout the day or in Rec. Club. 

Do we have to wear our Camp shirts if we are not going on the field trip?

NO. Only campers going on field trips are required to wear their camp shirts on designated field trip days. You can pick up you camp shirt at any time. Please sign for it once you receive it. If you wish to purchase additional camps shirts, you can do so for $10 per shirt.

Do you offer allergy free eating areas?

YES We have designated tables for campers with food allergies. We offer snacks that contain dairy, nuts and other allergens. If your child has ingredient guidelines, please provide a list of items they can or cannot have during snack. The best alternative is to provide your own approved snacks for your child. We can store their designated snacks in the office to provide to them when the offered camp snack does not meet allergy requirements.

Do you have academic lessons during small group time?

YES. We have 3 small group periods each day. The lead teachers lesson plans each week include; Art, language arts, Math, social studies, reading, writing, and science to name a few.  Our lesson planning material is designed to be taught during Summers to bridge the gap from one grade to another. Each week you can visit our website to get an overview of what each class is learning and creating in class from your lead teacher’s weekly newsletter. Academic lessons are mixed in with play time to give fun summer camp experience and not a Summer School experience.

Is water play every Week?

NO. We will have scheduled beach trip days and other on campus water play dates. Please refer to the calendar for details and dates

Do you provide ice water to drink throughout the day?

YES. We will have ice water available for all campers and teachers at the lunch bench area daily. We encourage every camper bring a refillable water bottle daily! We do not provide paper or plastic cups for the water jugs in an effort to cut back on waste and plastic use.

Do you sell ice cream every Friday?

YES. We sell ice cream for $1 every Friday directly after lunch. We offer dairy and dairy free, and sugar free options for our campers.

How do I add or pay for Pizza/Chick Fil A lunches?

The week before each pizza or Chick-fil-a lunch we will have a sign up sheet available on the sign in/out sheet as well as on the website that you can fill out and select your options with. ALL ordered lunches need to be pre-paid. We do NOT add lunch fees to billing. The orders must be in 24 hours prior to the lunch in order to secure your campers lunch for the following day. Pizza day option will include 2 slices of pizza( pepperoni or cheese) a bag of chips, a fruit option and a water for $7. Chick-fil-a day options will include either chicken nuggets or a chicken sandwich, a bag of chips, a fruit option and a water for $10.

Do I have to pack a disposable lunch bag/sack for field trips?

NO. Your camper can bring their regular lunch packs on field trips as well. You can also store your camper’s lunches inside the Rec. Club to be out of the heat/sunlight during the day.

Do Jr. K and Kinder nap?

YES. We have a rest period for Jr.K and Kinder each day between 12:45-1:30. You can bring rest items (blanket, pillow) if desired. We provide rest mats.

Do you heat up lunches for Campers?

NO. Please provide ready to eat lunches for your campers. We do not provide hot water or microwaves for preparing food.

Are the onsite assemblies free?

YES. Any onsite assembly or activity is included with your tuition fee’s. All off site field trips and activities require additional payment unless noted otherwise.

How do I figure out my balance based on the fee schedule?

We have 4 payments dates of Summer Camp. You simply take the total remaining balance and divide it by 4. If you have any payment questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mr. Mike for assistance or clarification. Fee Schedule
¼ of all fees must be received by Jun. 16th.
 ½ of all fees must be received by Jun. 30th
¾ of all fees must be received by Jul. 14th
ALL remaining fees must be received by Jul. 28th

What time is Summer Camp open?

7am-6pm Monday- Friday daily.

Can I pay my fee’s by Credit Card?

YES. We accept cash, check or card (3.5% fee for ALL card transactions via square space)

Do you provide sunscreen for the campers?

NO. Please provide your own sunscreen for your camper. Due to possible allergy/ ingredient safety issues, we ask that you provide your camper with the sunscreen you wish to be applied. Our staff will be on hand to help apply sunscreen and you can leave it in your camper’s backpacks. Please clearly label your sunscreen with your camper’s name and grade.

Do you provide Morning or Afternoon snacks?

NO. For safety and health reasons, we do not provide morning of afternoon snacks. Please pack your camper the desired amount of food each day. Also, depending on ingredients, you child may or may not be allowed to sit at the allergy designated tables.

Can we share food/snack with other campers?

NO. Some campers have food and allergy restrictions that can be dangerous and even fatal. We do not allow sharing food for this reason. If you camper has food allergies or restrictions, please document it on the health form provided in the registration packet. 

Can we bring toys from home to play with at camp?

YES, BUT…. Campers can bring ONE SMALL item to play with at camp during  THE DESIGNATED DAY. NOT DAILY. Our team will communicate the days we are allowing for small toys/cards and other personal items from home. During recess time or free play time in the Rec. Room they can use these on the designated day. Campers are solely responsible for their items. Please do not bring any highly valued, fragile or items that can be damaged easily. Items with lots of pieces should be left at home as well.

Are we CLOSED days during camp?

Yes! We are closed a total of 4 days this Summer, June. 19/20 and July 3rd/4th.

*Pick up and drop off: you may drop off and pick up in the back-parking lot daily between the hours of operations 7am-6pm. The back-lot boarders the field. Please park in a stall for all pick up and drop offs. Please DO NOT park near the fence or any unmarked parking area. We want to keep all of our families safe during drop off and pick up. We will continue to use a no-touch check in/out system this Summer. When dropping off/picking up, please check in at the reception table for a rec staff member to sign your camper into the computer system. All adults will currently need to wear face covering once you enter the school’s gates and buildings. Any late pick up after 6pm will be an additional charge of $2 per minute.
*Groups/operations: We will be having small groups between 9am-3pm daily. These cohorts will be based on daily attendance. They will be broken up into; Jr.K and K, 1st & 2nd, 3rd & 4th and 5th and up. Between 7am-9am during arrival, groups will be mixed indoors (7-8am) and outdoors (8am-9am) and them divided into small groups at 9am. The daily operations are listed on the “Summer Fun Schedule” which is attached. That schedule will show each days’ time schedule.

*Protocols and Procedures: GLS Summer camp is currently operating under the CDC and CDPH guidelines for camps and will continue to adapt and change as guidelines and procedures change. GLS Summer camp will NOT require temperature checks for camp this year. We ask that families self-monitor your child’s symptom’s day to day. If you child displays signs of illness, we will take temperatures and contact parents. If your child has a temperature above 100.4, they will need to be picked up from camp. Please keep your student home if they have any symptoms of illness. They may return when they are symptom free for a 24-hour period. Please notify the camp admin of any COVID related illness or exposures that could potentially affect the camp or individual campers. Please follow the CDCs guidelines for exposures if you or a family member is exposed to COVID. GLS Summer camp will notify and adapt in the case of any exposures which may include camp closure or cohort coronatine if necessary. The health and safety of our families and campers will continue to be our number one priority for the duration of Summer Camp. Campers will wash hands frequently in line with cleaning playground equipment, bathrooms, classrooms and other high touch areas and surfaces daily. GLS Summer Camp has a daily cleaning protocol that will continue thought this Summer.
Field Trips and Buses: Each field trip will have their own set of requirements and safety guidelines as we approach them which are subject to change over the course of the Summer. Currently the busses will be full capacity unless noted.  Requirements are subject to change based on conditions at any given time.

Frozen Friday/chick-fil-a/Pizza: Every Friday after lunch we will be selling ice cream for $1. We have dairy free options and sugar free options. Chick fil A and Pizza lunch sign ups will be on the receptionist table a week in advance. ALL LUNCH PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE IN CASH, Please no checks. Tuition credits may not be applied towards fundraiser lunches either. All proceeds will go back into Summer Camp equipment and supplies.
Re-useable Water bottles/ Sunscreen/snacks/lunch: Please pack your camper each of the listed items daily. We will continue to offer ice water all summer that campers can refill throughout the day. We will not provide cups. The drinking fountains are also available to all campers. Sunscreen can be applied during any recess or outdoor time. Please have your student keep their sunscreen with them. Summer staff will assist with application for students who need help. Sunscreen sprays are easiest to apply. Please pack your campers a sufficient number of snacks and lunch to last them throughout the day. Campers can snack at any of the am recesses. We also have a 3pm snack time. GLS Summer camp will not provide any food of snacks to students. If you’d like to sign up for chick-fil-a and pizza lunch, you can do so in the rec. room prior to each lunch.
Payment schedule: Please be sure to make payments based on the following payment schedule. If the percentages are not received by the assigned payment dates your child’s will be considered “non-payment” and may result in your campers being made available for additional campers. Any remaining amount after any received payments will be divided into the following 4 payments dates.
 Fee Schedule
 ¼ of all fees must be received by Jun. 14th.
 ½ of all fees must be received by Jun. 28th
¾ of all fees must be received by Jul. 12th
ALL remaining fees must be received by Jul. 26th 
We are looking forward to an amazing Summer with all of our families.

If you got more questions just contact us.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

— Proverbs 22:6